Our Pricing

A Deep dive on our pricing options

We're currently brainstorming betters ways of structuring our pricing to give users they need in a plan that fits their use case.

Currently, when you first sign up for Birtly you are automatically enrolled in a 10-day trial period offering you all of our premium features.


Birtly's free tier is perfect for simple task planning with your team where you don't need to dive into a task's details (i.e. you don't need subtasks, notes, attachments, etc...) and you don't need to filter long lists.


For users who need a bit more power we have two paid plans. The first, our "Startup" plan is $15.00 per month annually or $19.00 a month billed monthly. This plan gives you unlimited premium features for a single workspace. You can have as many projects as you want in this workspace, but you can only collaborate with 5 users. You also cannot change team access on a per-project basis.

This is a perfect plan for small teams who will keep everything in a single workspace together. When you sign up for a startup plan, your first workspace will be marked as premium. Use this workspace. You can rename it and change the projects, but if you delete this workspace, you may have to contact support to identify a different workspace as premium.


Our top-level premium plan simply turns on the switch to all of our features for as many workspaces and teams as you need. Unlike other productivity apps, we don't charge per user. Our price is for the entire organization, so with premium you can have as many workspaces and users as you need. This is also helpful if you are a freelancer doing client work as each workspace can be shared with different people. So you could set up a workspace for each client and share their projects only with them. Premium is $39.00 per month annually or $49.00 per month monthly. We think this is the most competitive pricing in the sector, and something we might have to change as we scale with really large teams.

That's all there is to know. Give one of our plans a try. We have a ton of new features in the pipeline that will help Birtly be an even more perfect tool for you and your teams.

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