Reorganizing Sections

Powerful drag and drop reorganization


Sections are unique to the list view in Birtly. You can see the current section when looking at the detail of a task, but in list view you can use sections as powerful headers to slice your tasks into categories.

Unlike other tools where your "section" is basically just a label, in Birtly, all tasks default to "General." This top-level category, which you can rename is like your top-level header. You can also think of general as "uncategorized." It's always fixed and always at the top of your list.

Other sections can be added on the left hand side of the screen. You can filter by sections so you can look only at "content creation" or "homework." You can also drag and drop in two very unique ways.

Move the Section - Leave the Tasks

The first way you can use sections is by dragging them while they are expanded. Doing this will leave all tasks in place but will move the location of the section. This means that all tasks under that section up until the next section will be related to that section. So, if you have 10 tasks under "Goal Setting" but you realize that the top-two really aren't related, you can just drag the section down below those two unrelated tasks, and now you have 8 tasks under Goal Setting.

Because you can also drag and drop individual tasks into and out of sections, this gives you a very quick way to build a task list and then carve it up into sections later in bulk.

Move the Section - Take the Tasks

If instead, you'd like to move your whole section of tasks above or below another section just collapse the section. This is the digital equivalent of scooping up your pile of tasks and walking away. Once collapsed you can move the section with all of the tasks inside to another spot on your list.

Using these two drag features together makes it easy to not have to preplan where you're putting your tasks. As an idea comes to you, add it to your general list, build out all of your work, and then decide on the sections you want and drag them all into place.

Just one of the ways Birtly is the easiest way to manage your tasks and projects.