Chat Features

One place for your activity and communication

Chat in birtly is a multi-purpose tool.

Every section that you set up in your tasks has it's own channel, which you can use to break your conversations down with your team.

While in Communication you can send any messages to your team and choose who gets notified of new messages with a notification.


Your chat is broken into General open chat, which is tied to the entire workspace, and then activity/chat streams for each section.

A specific section's feed will give you updates on everything going on with your work, but is also a place to send messages. One of the nicer features about this activity-based chat is every comment you leave on a task is also automatically displayed in the feed. So, you don't have to open all of your tasks to remember where you left that comment! Clicking on the action (i.e. "commented" or "completed") will take you to that task.


These features together help make chat a powerful place to stay updated on all of the activity in your project. We're working on making chat more realtime, and allowing the creation of arbitrary channels not linked to sections as well as the ability to chat with limited sub-sets of your team. Stay tuned!